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About Titan Strength And Speed

Bobby Davis (center)

Bobby Davis (center)

Coach Bobby Davis graduated from Colorado Mesa University (CMU) with a Bachelors in Kinesiology (Cum Laude), where he progressed his knowledge about the human body and athletic development. Bobby trained under his father at Strength of America Inc. and wrestled since he was in elementary school. In High School, he was a state medalist and finalist in wrestling, and was awarded the Mountain Lion Leadership Award by the principle his Senior year. Bobby then received a scholarship to CMU and wrestled collegiately for three years. During his final year at CMU, Bobby realized that he could not wrestle forever, and his passion had shifted over to helping other athletes become the best that they can be. He then went on to intern and become an Asst. Strength and Conditioning Coach down in the Varsity weight room where he assisted with each Collegiate sport CMU had to offer, while heading up the Alpine Ski and Cyclist In Season training programs. During this time, Bobby also headed up an 8 week Speed and Agility/Injury Prevention camp for the Fire Soccer Club out of CO. From 2010 to current time, Bobby has assisted as a Strength and Speed coach at Strength of America Inc. and is currently the Strength & Speed Coach at Chandler Preparatory Academy. GO TITANS!

Titan Strength & Speed Training

This program was created to not only help athletes develop their true athletic potential, but to help athletes become more than they thought they could out on the field of play and in life. This program is structured to improve each athletes sport performance and reduce the risk of injury. Through training you will learn proper mechanics of movement (speed/agility/reaction/quickness) and weight training (strength/power) in a progression based program. Classes will also entail mobility/stability, flexibility, and corrective exercises to enable a healthier lifestyle for each athlete.

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